How TMD and Depression Are Linked

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Westlake Oral Surgery
How TMD and Depression Are LinkedAccording to several studies chronic pain, including TMD, can lead to depression. Moreover, certain antidepressants have been associated with pain relief regardless of their antidepressant activity. If someone is in constant pain, and they don't know what the sources, it is natural to believe that this could affect their mental state as well.

If a patient suffers from TMD the hinge connecting the upper and lower jaw is not working properly. A 2002 study found that people diagnosed with myofascial joint pain show higher levels of depression than patients diagnosed with other conditions.

In a 2006 study published in the International Journal of Prosthodontics, researchers concluded that there are psychological factors that contribute and cause TMD. This was apparent because of the increased level of depression in patients with TMD.

While all these scientific studies have established a link between TMD and depression, the causes for this connection are unclear. Several other studies suggest that chronic pain can cause depression and depression can cause the pain to intensify. According to a Harvard study, people who suffer from chronic pain are three times more likely to develop psychiatric symptoms, including depression.

How are TMD and Depression Linked?

People who suffer from TMD and depression can feel that they are not in control of their lives and in some cases, this can lead to isolation. The depression only makes the TMD symptoms worse. Researchers have also found out when pain is treated the depression can also diminish and vice versa, when the depression is treated pain can also lessen.

It is very important that people who suffer from TMD get diagnosed properly so the condition can be treated. The first step after diagnosing TMD will be to try non-invasive treatments that can bring relief to the pain, which in some patients have shown immediate relief.

Please let us know if you think that you may be suffering from TMD and we will recommend a treatment that can work for you.
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