There Are Tests That Can Detect Early Oral Cancer Coming Out

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Westlake Oral Surgery
There Are Tests That Can Detect Early Oral Cancer Coming OutThere are many important things to consider when trying to overcome any types of cancer. The overall health of the individual and the type of cancer will play a large role in how successful the outcome is.

One of the biggest keys to a successful fight against cancer is early detection. The sooner you detect a cancer, the more options you have for treatment. That is why tests that spot oral cancer earlier are so important.

How to Detect Oral Cancer

The first line of defense against oral cancer is the individual. It is possible to perform self-exams that can help spot the signs of potential cancer and other problems. It is not enough to perform the self-exams. It is also important to act on any signs of a problem you see.

Another part of early detection comes from regular visits to our offices. There we can also look for signs and can also perform tests that help with early detection.

These can include:

•  Imaging tests - x-rays, CT scans, MRIs and pet scans are just some of the imaging tools that paint a picture of what is happening in the body.
•  Biopsy - Taking a small tissue sample allows us to look closely at any skills that show signs of a potential problem.
•  Penendoscopy - These are tools that allow us to look down the throat to see if there are signs of a problem.
•  Medical history - A family history and the history of the individual can help spot risk factors of a possible problem.
•  Blood tests - While there is not a blood test that can detect oral cancer, they can give a picture of how healthy a person is overall.

It Takes More than Tests

People may hope that they can take a test that determines with complete accuracy whether they have cancer, where it is and what to do about it. The fact is that does not happen. It takes one of our trained personnel looking at different tests to help determine when oral cancer is present. Without the knowledge, it is hard for people to get an early detection of oral cancer.

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