Dangers of Untreated Bruxism During Sleep

Posted on 4/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
Dangers of Untreated Bruxism During SleepBruxism can cause many different problems. The problems often start because of when people are most likely to grind their teeth It happens while they sleep That means they may not even realize they do it.

If they do not know they suffer from bruxism or do not think it is a big problem, they face a myriad of potential problems. Untreated bruxism can cause a lot of damage in different ways.

The Inconvenient Problems

Some of the issues that bruxism creates are often more of a nuisance than they are a serious problem. People that grind their teeth while they sleep may not get the rest that they need. They may struggle to function the way they want because their body does not get the rest it needs.

Bruxism can also cause minor aches and pains. People who grind their teeth at night may wake up with a slight headache or may have some soreness in their jaw. These things may not last long and are often ignored by the person that suffers from them. Because the bruxism occurs while they sleep, they don't connect these minor problems with the idea that they grind their teeth.

More Serious Problems

If you are grinding down your teeth while you sleep, you are causing problems that may not show up right away. Bruxism causes the loss of enamel, which can loosen or weaken teeth. It can cause teeth to shift in the mouth. The weaker the teeth get, the more prone they are to breaking, chipping, cracking of completely failing.

Other conditions associated with bruxism include TMJ and chronic jaw pain. It can lead to major headaches that last longer. These problems can disrupt your life completely and can lead to other health issues.

Untreated bruxism is a problem, but it does not have to happen. There are different ways to treat the bruxism that protect your teeth and your oral health.

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