Things to Know About Having an Oral Biopsy

Posted on 5/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
Things to Know About Having an Oral BiopsyThere are words that doctors use that scare their patients. One word that no one wants to hear is cancer. Thinking that you have cancer or that the doctor may think you are at risk can make you want to run and hide.

A word that people often associate with cancer is biopsy. They think if a doctor says they need an oral biopsy, it means they have cancer. Instead of jumping to that conclusion, it is better to learn what having an oral biopsy means.

Reasons for an Oral Biopsy

We do not perform an oral biopsy on everyone that comes into our office. The reason for an oral biopsy is because we see something that is a sign of a potential problem. It may or may not be a serious issue, but the biopsy allows us to investigate it further. The biopsy can help us diagnose what we see. Some of the reasons that we would do an oral biopsy include:

•  A sore or lesion on the gum that persists for a few weeks
•  A white patch or red patch on the gum
•  Ulcers on the gum
•  Swelling of the gum that does not go away
•  Changes in the gum

If we see these types of problems, the biopsy can help us determine the cause.

What Happens During the Biopsy?

During the biopsy, we will take a small amount of tissue from the affected area. We look at the tissue under a microscope for any abnormalities. While one of the conditions that we can spot with a biopsy is cancer, there are other things that we also can diagnose. This includes a benign lesion that is not cancerous.

Once we get a diagnosis, we develop a plan a treatment. While the thought of a biopsy is not always pleasant, the actual procedure is easy and poses few risks. The risks of not finding out if there is a problem is much greater than having the biopsy done.

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