Symptoms of a Post-Surgical Infection

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
Symptoms of a Post-Surgical InfectionWhen it comes to complications from surgery, an infection is often at the top of the list. The reason for this is most surgical procedures involve opening part of the body. This can expose it to the bacteria that can lead to an infection.

Infections can range from minor problems to serious health risks. The one thing they have in common is the need for treatment. The only way to get treatment is to know the symptoms that an infection has begun after a surgical procedure.

The Most Common Sign of Infection

The signs of a post-surgical infection are the same for almost any type of surgery. The most basic sign is a fever. While many may run a low-grade fever for a short time after surgery, it should not last long. It should also not be more than a low-grade fever. If you run a higher fever for any period of time it is best to call our office to find out what to do.

Other Signs of Infection

In addition to fever, there are other signs of infection to watch out for.

•  Swelling and redness around the surgical site. After an oral surgery, this is not always easy to notice, but you should pay attention to anything that feels wrong around the surgical site.
•  Continual Pain. Pain should subside over time and it should not last long after the surgery. If it is continuous and seems to increase it is a sign of infection.
•  Surgical Site feels hot. This is not always easy to notice, but if the surgical site feels hotter than the rest of the mouth, an infection could be present.
•  Fluid discharge. Infections create pus that drains or forms a pocket. Watch for any signs of drainage.

Avoiding infection after surgery is very important. It can slow down or stop the healing process. Infections need treatment and the only way to get that is if you notice the signs of infection.

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