Can You Cure Bruxism Without Intervention?

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
Can You Cure Bruxism Without Intervention?People that suffer from bruxism may or may not want to get help for the issue. They may not think it is a big problem and that it will not interfere with them. Because of that, they do not seek out any help for the problem of bruxism.

This is okay for some people, but it does not mean that bruxism cannot still cause more problems. We stress to anyone that suffers from bruxism that even if they don't try to do anything about it, they at least make sure to visit our offices so we can check to see if there is any damage because of the bruxism.

Steps to Take
There are many different ways to help protect the teeth from the damage of bruxism, but many people do not want to do what they need to. They will say that the oral appliances are uncomfortable to sleep with or that they forget to use them. These are just excuses and will not do anything to limit the damage that bruxism can cause.

While oral appliances are one solution, there are other steps a person can take to limit the impact of bruxism. Making some changes in sleeping habits that can result in a more restful sleep can impact the amount of teeth grinding that happens during sleep. Finding the right sleep position or getting the right mattress and pillows may also help get a more restful night's sleep. If the bruxism has a connection to a problem with sleep apnea, treating the sleep apnea can help with the bruxism.

It is also possible to suffer from bruxism while you are awake. When you are under stress, you may clench or grind your teeth without realizing it. The solution to this is to find ways to manage stress and to try to pay attention to your teeth when you feel the stress.

There is no cure for bruxism. Instead, there are ways to minimize the potential damage and protect your teeth and gums. The key is learning how to do it.
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