Reasons Your Jaw May Hurt Following Some Type of Fall

Posted on 9/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
Reasons Your Jaw May Hurt Following Some Type of FallWe are sure you have heard that a very high percentage of all accidents happen within five miles of your home. Many accidents happen in your home. Accidents in your home can happen for a variety of reasons. You could slip on a wet floor after you mop it, you can trip on cords or toys left in the right-of-way in your home.

Outside you can fall by slipping on snow or ice or even mud. Then there are sports injuries or vehicle accidents that can cause an injury to your face. If the injury involves the jaw it could be that the jaw was fractured or dislocated due to the trauma. The bottom line is that you could have injured your jaw without realizing it because your jaw didn't seem directly involved in the accident. So how can you tell if your jaw was involved and just how bad that involvement was?

Is It Dislocated or Fractured?

Whether your jaw was dislocated or fractured your first clue, in either case, will be a pain in the jaw area. A fractured jaw will produce more pain. You may also have swelling; your face may be bruised, and your jaw will be stiff. You may also have trouble opening or closing your mouth correctly and chewing could become difficult.

If you experience swelling or bruising, you should put a cold pack on your cheek to reduce the swelling and bruising. Seeking medical attention is imperative. You can hold your jaw in place until it can be treated either with your hands or by wrapping a cloth around your head and under your chin to keep your jaw from moving around. An x-ray will let the medical professional you see determine if the jaw is fractured or dislocated. The treatment is different depending on which problem you have.

If your jaw is dislocated the pain will not be as severe as it will be with a fractured jaw, but it will not be pain-free. If you have a dislocated jaw, you will likely experience problems chewing because your teeth are not properly aligned. You may drool and have problems closing your mouth correctly. Your jaw may protrude at a strange angle and the pain will get worse as you use it. It could even affect your ability to talk correctly.

If you feel pain in your jaw after a fall, call us. We may simply advise you to see your physician, but it is good for us to know as you may need dental repair as well once the fracture or dislocation is repaired.
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