How the All-on-4 Plan is Unique

Posted on 10/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
How the All-on-4 Plan is UniqueWhen it comes to replacing lost, damaged, crooked or problem teeth, the most permanent and often the best solution is dental implants. The problem that people have is that they think dental implants come with a variety of issues they don't want to deal with.

They think they are painful, costly and require a lot of time to recover from. There is a new type of dental implant known as the All-on-4. Learning about the All-on-4 may make implants seem like a much better idea.

All-on-4 Vs. Traditional Implants

Traditional implants require a post for every tooth they are to replace. It is not the fastest way to replace a lost tooth, but it does offer the most permanent option and the most realistic replacement for lost or diseased teeth. A traditional implant is a good option if you only have to replace one or two teeth and it is possible to replace complete sets of teeth with traditional implants. The problem is that they require more time and money than the All-on-4 option.

All-on-4 is a way to replace a complete set of upper or lower teeth. Instead of placing an implant for every tooth, only four implants are put in place. The crowns are then able to connect to each other and to the four posts. The result is a natural looking set of teeth that work in the same way as traditional implants.

Which to Choose
The choice between traditional implants and All-on-4 implants is always up to the individual Because All-on-4 implants are less expensive and do not take as much time to recover from, they are the better option for people that need to replace many teeth. If you only need one or a few implants, the traditional implant may offer the best solution.

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