How Weather Changes Can Lead to Jaw Pain

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
How Weather Changes Can Lead to Jaw PainA change in weather can lead to pain in the temporomandibular joint. While genetics, injury, diet, and the shape of the jaw are common causes, a dip in temperature can exacerbate the discomfort.

How does a Change in the Weather Cause Jaw Pain?

Changes in temperature, particularly a dip in temperature, trigger TMD symptoms. A rise in barometric pressure and wet days too can lead to jaw pain. Joints get stiffer in colder weather and movements become painful. The temporomandibular joint, like other joints, may begin to ache in cold or wet weather. Of course, different people react differently because tolerance levels and muscle physiology differ.

But generally, it has been seen that if the temperature falls, your TMD symptoms may appear and with greater intensity. Since stress is one of the triggers of TMJ pain, people uncomfortable with extreme cold can get stressed and this may cause pain in the jaw.

A rise in atmospheric pressure can increase the pressure on synovium, the fluid present in joints. This can likely increase the discomfort and cause pain. Nerve endings in the joints register the increase in pressure on the synovial fluid and transmit pain signals to the brain. The cold and increased atmospheric pressure can also trigger sinus issues. The result is sinus headaches, pain in the temporomandibular joint, and tinnitus.

If you notice any of these above symptoms, then maybe it's the time of the year when temperatures begin to dip and you may want to take preventative measures. This cyclical arrival of pain does not have to be a permanent feature of your life.

We know how changes in the weather may lead to jaw pain. We'd love to share our insight with you and equip you to experience the cold and wet weather confidently. Get in touch to learn about what triggers the discomfort and how to deal with it.
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