Do Your Bad Oral Habits Cause Your TMD

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Westlake Oral Surgery
Do Your Bad Oral Habits Cause Your TMDYou may be familiar with the most common cause of TMD—teeth grinding—but have you ever thought about other factors that may lead to TMD?

TMD is caused by stress on the jaw muscle that helps open and close your mouth. This stress is normally caused by excessive teeth grinding, however, there are other causes which can contribute to the development of TMD.

Causes Of TMD

One factor that could lead to TMD is your diet. If you're fond of hard foods or like to chew ice, it could put unnecessary stress on your jaw muscle. Since the pressure it takes to chew harder foods properly is greater than other foods, your jaw muscle will have to work extra hard more often. Besides causing TMD, hard foods are also very bad for your teeth as they cause a lot of wear on them.

Another cause of TMD is stress. Of course, stress can make you grind your teeth, but it can also cause you to tighten your facial muscles without grinding your teeth. When you tighten your facial muscles, you are also flexing the muscle in your jaw. Doing this over and over again throughout the day puts premature wear on your jaw muscle and can make it sore.

Other eating habits can also cause TMD to develop. Foods like sunflower seeds and gum can give your jaw muscle a good workout. However, if you're partaking in them all the time, it can cause serious damage to the cartilage in your jaw hinge joint. It's okay to occasionally chew on gum or eat seeds, but when it is done too much, it could cause TMD to develop over time.

If you're interested in how your oral habits may contribute to TMD, give us a call. We can discuss other reasons TMD may develop and give you pointers on how to avoid it. TMD can become a serious disorder, so it's important to take the proper precautions in order to slow its development.
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