How Missing Teeth Change Your Life

Your teeth are a crucial component of your mouth. Every day, they perform a wide array of essential functions, some of which you may not even be aware of. In the event of tooth loss, even losing just one tooth, many things begin to happen, and your life is changed. If you are suffering from tooth loss, Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley can help.

Your Smile, and Confidence, Is Diminished

One of the most obvious impacts of missing teeth is the effect that the event has on the quality of your smile. Your smile is often the first impression you leave with those around you. It can say a lot about you. When you are missing teeth, your smile has gaps in it, which can have a significant impact on the impressions you make and put you at risk for breaking additional teeth. Gaps in your smile can also have a major impact on your confidence. When you are embarrassed about your smile, you may try to hide it. You may cover your mouth with your hand, hide behind an object, or only smile with your lips tightly pressed together. While these actions may not seem like much, they can often send the wrong impression, and people might think you shy, cold, or unfriendly.

Eating Becomes Challenging

A major job of your teeth is biting and chewing a wide variety of different foods. When you lose teeth, biting and chewing becomes more challenging. It only becomes more difficult with the more teeth that you lose. You may start to struggle with eating certain foods. As a result, your diet becomes limited.

Chewing is also the first stage of digestion. The teeth break down your food, making its nutrients more accessible for the body to absorb in the intestines. However, if you are unable to thoroughly chew your food, your body cannot access all of the nutrients. Even though you are eating a well-balanced diet, your nutrition can suffer.

Communication Is Harder

The teeth play a major role in your ability to speak. They control the flow of air, which enables you to form numerous words and sounds. When you lose teeth, the air can flow more freely. This can lead to a lisp. The more teeth you lose, the harder it becomes to speak properly. If you are unable to speak properly, it becomes significantly more difficult to communicate with those around you. You may have to repeat yourself several times, or you may find that others misunderstand what you say.

Missing Teeth and Jaw Health

The teeth also play an integral role in the health of your jawbone. When you chew, the teeth stimulate the bone, which sends a message to your body that it needs nutrients. The body responds by sending essential nutrients for maintaining the health of your jaw. However, when you lose teeth, the amount of stimulation your jawbone receives decreases. As a result, the body thinks that fewer nutrients are needed, so it sends less. Gradually, the jawbone begins to weaken and eventually changes shape. This can lead to healthy teeth shifting out of alignment, which can cause bruxism or TMJ pain. If you lose a significant number of teeth, you may also experience changes in your facial appearance, including sunken lips and cheeks, sagging facial skin, jowls, and wrinkles.

If you are missing teeth, replacing them can restore your quality of life. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley today at (805) 328-2180.
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