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Tooth loss can hinder eating, speaking, and diminish one’s appearance and quality of life. However, thanks to modern dental science, tooth replacement techniques are both widely available and highly successful. Dental implants are presently the most effective way to replace a lost tooth or multiple lost teeth.

Tooth Loss and Overall Health

Tooth loss is usually a result of poor dental health. Medication, malnutrition, disease, tooth decay, and other factors can cause tooth loss, which in turn causes a negative feedback loop which perpetuates the causes of tooth loss.

If you lose a tooth, the underlying jaw bone begins to atrophy. Why is this? It is because the jaw bone needs stimulation to stay healthy, and the tooth roots of your natural teeth ordinarily provide this stimulation. If a tooth is lost, the bone underneath it is no longer stimulated and begins to deteriorate. Dentures and dental bridges might improve the appearance of the mouth and restore the patient’s ability to chew and speak, but they will do nothing to address the deterioration of the jaw bone.

The Dental Implant Installation Procedure

The dental implant procedure involves surgically embedding a titanium post into the jaw bone. In most cases, prior to implanting the titanium post a bone graft is necessary. A bone graft will supply your jaw with the necessary bone support for the implant. Titanium is used because it is a biocompatible metal, meaning that the body receives it instead of rejecting it as a threat to bodily health. Once the titanium implant is inserted into the jaw bone, the bone will heal around it and bond with it in a process known as osseointegration. Osseointegration produces a strong bond between the implant and the jaw bone, and the jaw bone will now receive the stimulation it needs to stay healthy.

After we install the titanium post, we will place a temporary crown on top. However, when the healing period is complete, we will call the patient back in so we can screw a permanent prosthetic tooth onto the implant. This crown will look and function just like a normal tooth.

For a longer lasting alternative to titanium, we also offer zirconia dental implants. For more information on zirconia implants click here.

Under certain circumstances we also offer Teeth in a Day, a treatment where you are provided with your final restorations immediately following your implant surgery. For more information on Teeth in a Day click here.

Dental Implants and Quality of Life

Tooth loss can negatively impact your life in big ways. It can render you unable to enjoy some of your favorite foods. Sticky, crunchy, and hard foods are unpleasant to eat with missing teeth, and many people with lost teeth must abstain from these foods because of that.

Also, your teeth also aid your speech and pronunciation. Missing teeth hinder your ability to speak properly and pronounce words coherently. People who are missing teeth are also often embarrassed about their appearance and may hesitate to smile. However, dental implants can fix all of those problems.

Following dental implant surgery, you will have prosthetic teeth that look and act like normal teeth. They will allow you to eat whatever you want, speak normally, and smile without feeling ashamed about your appearance.

Dental implants have advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other tooth restoration options. a specialist at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley will work with you during your consultation to determine which method will work best for you.

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