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Platelet Rich Plasma diagram at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi ValleyThe human body has this incredible ability to heal itself after an injury. Immediately following an injury or a surgical procedure, including an oral surgical procedure, your body goes right to work healing the sites of the wounds. Healing quickly and properly following oral surgery is essential for reducing your risk for complications. At Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley, we can help to facilitate and speed up the healing process using your blood with a process known as platelet-rich plasma.

The Importance of Platelets

Your blood contains a byproduct known as plasma. Contained within the plasma are tiny little platelets. The platelets play an integral role in wound healing. They aid in clotting to stop bleeding. They also contain growth factors, which are essential for stimulating tissue and cell growth.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

The more platelets that are present, the faster cell and tissue growth, and healing, can occur. Platelet-rich plasma, commonly called PRP, operates on this principle. PRP is a process that involves the concentration of the platelets in your blood to speed up healing after surgery. While it has been used in the medical field for several years, it is still fairly new in the field of dentistry and oral surgery. Despite being relatively new, it is highly effective.

PRP is a quick, simple process. As soon as you are seated, before we begin your procedure, we draw a small vial of blood. We generally do not need any more than 2 ounces. After drawing the sample, it is placed in a centrifuge, which is located right in the same room. The centrifuge spins at high speeds, separating the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma portion of the sample is removed and then spun a second time, which is done to concentrate the platelets. As soon as your procedure is finished, a thick layer of PRP is applied to the surgical sites. This aids in starting the healing process almost immediately.

How Is Platelet Rich Plasma Used?

PRP can be used for several different purposes in dentistry and oral surgery:
•  Repairing damage to the periodontal tissues. This includes fistula repairs and following soft tissue, or gum, grafting.
•  Bone grafting, including those for dental implants, sinus lifts, and repairing cleft lips or palates.
•  Bone repairs, such as defects caused by cyst removal or following facial reconstructive surgery.

The Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma

There are some significant benefits that come along with the use of PRP after your procedures:
•  Faster healing. With a higher concentration of platelets, healing occurs faster.
•  Reduced risk for infection. Faster healing reduces the risk for infection.
•  Additionally, the application of PRP immediately following your procedure provides you with a natural bandage of sorts that helps to seal out bacteria while also helping you to heal.
•  PRP is safe. We use your blood.
•  The process is convenient. The blood is drawn right before beginning your surgical procedure. There is no need for additional appointments.
•  PRP is affordable. Because we do everything right in the office, there are no expenses associated with sending the blood sample to a lab for preparation.

Platelet-rich plasma can help to facilitate the healing process, enabling you to heal faster and reducing your risk for issues like an infection. For more information, call us here at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley at (805) 328-2180 today.
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