Emergency Dental Implants

Dental Implant model post with gum at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi ValleyA severe tooth impact can cause not only pain in the person, but it can also cause a problem to the aesthetics of your teeth. Not only does it need immediate attention but having a broken or fractured tooth can also be unsightly and make you feel self-conscious. In such cases where your teeth need immediate repair, an emergency dental implant can be a crucial way to fully restoring those missing or broken teeth. Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley can provide the help needed when a broken tooth is an issue.

An Emergency Dental Implant Is About More Than Just Aesthetics

Your teeth contribute to your overall look, and having a broken tooth, especially in front, can make every social scenario awkward. Not only that, your social confidence and reaction to every situation may be limiting your smile. Nonetheless, needing an emergency dental implant is not just all about having a great smile, but it also puts stress on your overall health.

Eating with a broken or damaged tooth can also have an impact on your life as it makes eating or drinking unbearable. The sensitivity and sudden pain can drastically impact your ability to swallow or chew food. It would restrict you to soft foods and may prohibit you from eating nutritious meals. An emergency dental implant immediately corrects any problem as it involves urgent restoration or replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth. You do not have to struggle and suffer the discomfort of drinking or eating because you receive prompt treatment.

When Should You Get an Emergency Dental Implant?

An emergency dental implant does not have to be on the extreme side of a situation. Usually, a person who suffers extreme pain or discomfort when swallowing food or drinking water can undergo an emergency restorative process. People who recently got into an accident involving their teeth can also benefit from undergoing a surgical corrective measure. Also known as a same-day dental work, emergency dental implants can be done with people who have good oral health and do not suffer from any other periodontal diseases. This is only done for people who have damaged their teeth causing irreparable damage. The goal of this restorative dental procedure is to correct the facial appearance of a person and lessen the impact of an irreparable tooth.

An Immediate Process With a Lasting Impact

Even though it is called a same day restorative procedure, the healing process may take several months to complete. An impression of the oral cavity is taken, and then a temporary crown is implanted into the area. This lessens the impact of a lost tooth on the gums. The treatment plan is completed once the final crown is put in place.

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