Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)

Rendering of a jaw x-ray. Learn more about corrective jaw surgery at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley in Simi Valley, CA.Corrective jaw, or orthognathic surgery, is performed to correct minor and major skeletal facial deformities. Done by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS), we can evaluate your needs thorough examination and the use of 3D Cone Beam digital radiography imaging. At Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley, our services cover a wide range of dental irregularities. Corrective jaw surgery can be very successful in improving your function, including your ability to chew, speak and even breathe. Additionally, many patients find that their aesthetic appearance is dramatically enhanced in the process.

Jaw Surgery is generally for the misalignment of jaws. One of our surgeons will work with you to correct the alignment and straighten the jaw. For some patients this may be a simple procedure, others may require extensive work. Both major and minor surgery should augment your function, comfort, and aesthetic.

Is Corrective Jaw Surgery Necessary?

A common question from patients is the necessity of surgery. At Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley, we never take surgery lightly; we will review all of your options with your 3D images to discuss areas of concern.

Surgery is often recommended to correct misaligned jaw issues. Patients with jaw issues may suffer from:
•  Improper chewing or biting of foods.
•  Difficulty swallowing foods.
•  Difficulty breathing, particularly when you sleep.
•  Sleep Apnea which affects your ability to get a full nights rest.
•  TMJ dysfunction including popping, clicking, discomfort or pain in your jaw joints.
•  Inability to fully close your lips, leaving a continuous small opening of your mouth.
•  Excessive flattening or wearing of your teeth from bruxism.
•  A bad bite, including an open bite, which is your teeth not coming fully together when you close your mouth.
•  Chronic mouth breathing, unable to breathe fully through your nose.
•  Birth defects, such as cleft lip or cleft palate.
•  A traumatic facial injury from a fall or impact.
•  A protruding jaw, or a receding jaw and chin.
•  Unbalanced facial appearance, one side is lopsided.

Oral surgeons work closely with orthodontists when treating patients through the jaw surgery procedure. The role of the orthodontist is a crucial part of correcting the jaw; the teeth need to be set in position following the procedure. Every patient will require some level of movement with their teeth. In most cases, the patient will have braces and wires placed to assist in gaining a proper bite while healing. Many patients will require a corrective device following their surgery; this may include continued braces, a retainer, or more.

Knowledgeable care, along with detailed planning, can make a significant impact on your function, your oral health and the aesthetics of your face.

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Correcting your bite and your alignment can make a significant impact on your oral health. Our surgeons are qualified to meet your needs and help you increase your function. For more information on Orthognathic Corrective Jaw Surgery, contact Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley. Our team at our Simi Valley location can assist you in scheduling appointments and answer your questions. For more information contact us at: (805) 328-2180
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