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Impacted canine tooth in of a child's mouth at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley in Simi Valley, CAImpacted canines occur when the teeth next to the incisors get stuck or are not able to fully break through the gums and properly enter your bite. While this is very common for many people, it is not advised to realize they are stuck without doing anything about it. It is important to have them treated by oral health professionals like us. Here at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at Simi Valley, we offer surgery and other services to help treat impacted canines. Let us take care of your concerns, and we will deliver beyond satisfactory results. Our top priority is to ensure our patients’ oral health is optimized. We are a trusted name in the area and are ready to help you, too.

Types of Impacted Canines

Several types of impaction can exist, and how they will be handled depends on their type. There are those that have almost fully erupted with just tissue covering it. There are those that have already erupted with a small amount of no tissue covering. Then there are those where the tooth is buried under the bone.

Why Take Care of Impacted Canines?

Your smile will not be perfect if you leave impacted canines untreated. Beyond the aesthetics, however, there are more reasons why you should take care of the condition. The first of these is the pressure that it exerts on the adjacent teeth and nerves. The canine generally absorbs the impact when chewing. If the said tooth is impacted, the force will be shifted to the other teeth. This can lead to pain, plus cause them to be prematurely worn. In the event an impacted canine leaves a space between the other teeth, this gap can trap food and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and tooth decay. This can then lead to periodontal disease. In other cases, cyst or tumor development can occur around the impacted tooth. This can weaken the jaw due to resorption and prevent normal dental function. There is a possibility for the growth to become infected, which can then result in swelling and pain.

Early Detection Is Best

Like any other condition, early detection is in the patient’s best interest. This, along with a combination of different treatment options, will pave the way for the canine to come out and be led to its ideal position in the mouth. The specific treatments you need depends on the level of impaction your tooth has. The older the patient becomes, the more the impacted canine will meld to the surrounding bone. If this happens, there is no way to treat the problem other than to take out the tooth and put a dental implant in its place.

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